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Are you making the move from NC to Texas? Most of the properly planned communities tend to be “big” in Texas. Cypress living community is located towards the far west & north-west side of Houston, Texas. The recent times have observed a sudden surge in terms of real estate in the given neighborhood. Therefore, if you are moving to Cypress, Houston anytime soon, you must look out for the best homes or apartments in the given region. Try taking help from some professional real estate expert or agent in the area to help you out in finding the best home for you & your family.

Much of the recent expansion and growth in terms of real estate in Houston has been happening in the Cypress region. With the presence of plenty of land spreads, the real estate market is booming here. To top it all, the all-new 15-mile Grand Parkway segment that connects Cypress to Katy in Houston is making it even easier to travel across the urban sprawl.

Back during the times of the 1850s, the subdivision of Cypress served to be an early transportation and commercial center. This was because of the Houston & Texas Central Railroad’s extension to Cypress. The downtown of Cypress featured various hotels, stores, and salons towards the center of the major rice farming locality.

Currently, families are moving to Cypress given its fine location, great education system, and the overall beauty of the place, despite the recent floods that occurred. The Fairbanks Independent School District of Cypress is ranked as one of the largest and the most reputed school districts in Texas. If you are considering moving to Cypress, Houston, here are some of the top locations wherein you can search for the best homes & apartments.

  • Longwood & Coles Crossing: The resurgence movement in Cypress started all way back during the 1990s. This began with the launching of the two significant master-planned well laid out communities named as “Longwood” and “Coles Crossing”. Longwood community is located within the grove of dense pine trees making it a beautiful residential setting for living with family. It also boasts the presence of the Longwood Golf Club. On the other hand, the Coles Crossing community is focused on bringing about the preservation of the natural living environment with over 2500 homes located across the sprawling 1500 acres of forested land. If you love nature, then you can consider buying real estate in Coles Crossing community which also features the 56-acre Nature Park.


  • Bridgeland: There is no wonder that Bridgeland in Cypress has garnered such respect given the fact that the developer of this community is the same as that one of the majestic Woodlands. The Woodlands Development Company is known for bringing about effective environment preservation & sustainability into the designing of the real estate properties. As such, the Bridgeland real estate property features several acres of open space, 900 acres of lakes, self-sustaining irrigation system, 60 miles of trails, and futuristic town centers. Both the wildlife and residents are able to live in 3000 acres of open spaces in Bridgeland.


  • Towne Lake: Towne Lake is comparatively a newer neighborhood in the Cypress region of Houston. Experiencing massive growths in the recent times, this community attracts the residents with the presence of modern-age grocery stores and other high-end features that aim towards complementing the overall design of the subdivision.

Look out for the best residential homes & apartments in Cypress, Houston in these top localities. Ensure that you get the best real estate deal with the help of some reliable & professional real estate agent, or look towards a estate investor ( Remember to also make sure you have home insurance for your home, as there are often natural disasters or just unexpected events happening that damage homes. We recommend checking out Rockland Insurance Agency.


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