Finding the Ideal Window Cleaning Company: The Factors to Consider

Whether yours is a commercial or residential property, the time must come when you’ll wish to have your windows cleaned by a professional. Professional services are normally sought because there are many things that can go wrong when this job is done by non-professionals. Given the many contractors available in your area, what factors do you need to take into consideration to ensure that you only work with a reputable company like Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services? Check out the Wall 2 Wall Facebook Page.

Is the contractor insured?

Every cleaning job comes with a host of risks that could get the property owner in trouble. The use of ladders and cleaning chemicals normally means that the people working on a property risk injuries and even hospitalization. Should this happen on your premises, you could find yourself getting sued.

Competent companies such as take such matters seriously to safeguard the property, the property owner, and their employees. Should the cleaning job lead to damages to property or should anybody get injured, the contractor’s insurance coverage will take care of this. In assessing a contractor, you need to not only confirm that they are insured but also the amount of coverage.

Cleaning St Louis

Cleaning St Louis

Reputation and experience

To make sure that you are dealing with a competent and reliable company, find out the kind of reputation a contractor has. Confirm that the contractor has a good reputation in your area by contacting people whom Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services has worked for. Did the people find the contractor’s work satisfactory?

There is much you can get by visiting the contractor’s website. Is it professionally created or are there signs of amateurism? What kind of testimonials have past customers left?

Outside of the website, a Google search of the contractor could also help you find out if the contractor has been mentioned adversely by past clients. A contractor who has been in business for several years is preferable to a newbie and when you hire Wall 2 Wall you can be sure that you are dealing with an experienced local company.

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Cost and additional services

Some people only look at the price a contractor is charging to make a decision but this is usually the wrong way to go about the whole process. If you just considered price, you are likely to for the cheapest contractor but you should not be too surprised if such a contractor fails to deliver. Most of the time, contractors who charge too little are inexperienced, lack the appropriate working equipment or have untrained employees working for them.

Some of the contractors who charge too little will also usually not tell you the full extent of their services and once on your premises, their prices could suddenly change. At the outset, therefore, find out what the contractor will do for the quoted price. Does the price, for instance, include the cleaning of screens, sills, and tracks? This might seem like a trivial affair but do not be surprised if it ends up getting the contractor’s bill inflated. When you deal with the pros at you can be sure that the full extent of the service to be offered will be explained at the outset and you can have peace of mind knowing that you do not expect unpleasant surprises down the road.

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